Level 3: Seminars, Workshops, Parties

Level 3 :These events are closed to public and only for individuals who are members in good standing of BCS or by invitation/sponsorship only. At events like seminars, parties, or workshops where play will take place, you will sign a venue waiver(if applicable), a liability waiver and proof of legal age.

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What is a Level 3 event? Fun times for fun BCS Members.  These are weekend seminars, workshops, movie nights, dinner events and parties. For example we’ve hosted workshops and seminars on Shibari/Rope bondage, Making your own toys, Relationship Dynamics, and Scene Safety and Negotiation. Our Movie nights and dinner events are held in private homes and usually casual but contain discussions or demos that are not appropriate for munches. Play parties do have a mandatory orientation held before each party. BDSM play parties are safe places for people in the lifestyle to express and experience that which they might not be able to achieve in their lives outside the party.


  1. Confidentiality and privacy must be respected at all times.You are to remain confidential with people’s names & activities. If in doubt, ask express permission from the person. “Outing” will get you REMOVED from the group.
  2. Persistent unwanted advances by anyone towards others are not acceptable. No means no. Touch no one and nothing unless you have asked and been permitted.
  3. With cause, the organizers reserve the right to search bags or persons when entering the any club meeting or event.
  4. Offering or taking money or benefits in kind for any services rendered is strictly forbidden.
  5. Dungeon Monitors (DM’s)/organizers are there for a reason. They have had the training and been briefed on all scenes/events. If you have concerns speak with them.
  6. All activity must be consensual. If you wish to set up a party scene that may appear to be non-consensual, contact one of the organizers beforehand or the scene will be halted.
  7. No sex acts. This includes, but is not limited to, any form of penetration, oral sex and manual genital stimulation. No masturbation.
  8. No nudity is allowed, this includes nipples.
  9. No fighting, If you have a disagreement, it must be handled in private and outside of the club. If you fight all party’s will be asked to leave with no refund (if applicable). We have a 100 percent NO Drama policy at munches, play partys, at events, in person or online
  10. No Cell Phones are allowed at club events,so please leave them in the car. If you do have to have one on you, then it must be turned off or on vibrate and mute. Calls must be taken OUTSIDE of the event area. If DM’s see a cell phone out in the Dungeon for a phone call, picture, video or text it will be taken and secured . You may pick it up on your way out at the end of the night.
  11. No Personal Cameras (Unless a pre approved time has been authorized). Any unauthorized use, the camera will be taken from you and you can pick it up on your way out. Exception to the rule the Party host may have cameras to capture your special moment by your request. You may ask them in advance for them to capture your moment but please do not interrupt a scene to do it.

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